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Animal Crossing: Wild World

a place for the grownups

Animal Crossing: Wild World for Adults
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Welcome to the Animal Crossing: Wild World for Adults community!

alice_curiouser created this community to provide a place for more mature gamers (21+) to get together and discuss AC:WW, make friends, and find new towns to explore. Why adults only? Because there have been a lot of problems on the various forums with younger members vandalizing towns, and also because sometimes adults just want to hang out with other adults, even in video games. This entry has some useful tips and info regarding this community.

The Rules:

  • Because this is an over-21 community, I'm not going to make any hard-and-fast language rules - but try not to be too offensive. "Adult" does not equal X-Rated. Because we're all adults, I'm sure we can use good judgement about that sort of thing, right?

  • I take that back; there is ONE hard-and-fast language rule: PLEASE TRY TO SPEAK IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, USING COMPLETE WORDS! Aside from an occasional acronym, please refrain from posts like this: "add me i have oranges" or "r u online now?". Basic punctuation and occasional capitalization are good, too. ;)

  • Be over 21. Because, you know, it's an over-21 community. Duh. You'd think this would be obvious, but it hasn't been, so membership is now moderated.

  • Attention Potential Members!! If you request membership and your LJ bio page does not indicate that you are, indeed, over 21, you will be rejected. If this happens to you, you can either edit your bio and reapply, OR email the mods and reapply.

  • Respect the towns you're visiting and abide by your hosts wishes. Don't chop down trees, pick or trample flowers, or <gasp> dig up red turnips. Vandals will be banned so hard they'll bounce.

  • Please put large (over 500px wide) pictures under an LJ-Cut. Also, as some of our members might be reading the group at work or school, put any PG-13 pictures under an LJ cut as well.

  • Don't disable comments on your post. If you do, the post will be deleted. Or, possibly, reposted with comments enabled.

  • Posts advertising other communities and/or events must be approved by a moderator. If posted without approval, it will be deleted.

  • If you have a problem with another member, please email Alice and Jen with details and a link to the incident.

  • About being on-topic: This is a group primarily about Animal Crossing:Wild World. It is also, we hope, a group of friends who love to play games. We won't mind if you occasionally post something about general gaming, but your posts should have mostly AC:WW content.

And finally:

A Disclaimer: We try not to make a lot of rules - because as this is an ADULT community, we shouldn't HAVE to. However, the management does reserve the rights to make decisions/rules as the situation warrants. Thank you for your understanding.

This community is maintained by alice_curiouser and jenbooks.

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